* Handcrafted Bath, Body & Spa luxuries curated with only the finest ingredients and love.

* Vegan, Organic & All-Natural skincare products that are nourishing for the body and good for the soul.💋

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Our Customers Love Us!

I am in love with the FAITH Collection! My skin is usually dry but is now so soft! I love the lavender vanilla scent too! Delivery was fast!

Jennifer S.

This company has the best scented candles! I especially love the inspirational ones. I will buy one for myself and one for someone each time!

Kevin L.

The gift set I received had everything I could ask for in a spa set! Lovely sea salts, body butter, whipped soap, handmade bar of soap And my new favorite candle! I love my gift!!

Katie B.

I am in love with the Faith skincare collection! Leaves my skin so soft and smells so yummy!

Jennifer H.

 We are in love with the inspirational candles! They always smell so nice and have also made excellent gifts!

Jonathan W.

Best Body Butters and Candles! 

Kristy N.

A Note from Eileen

It is often the little things in life that are the the big things. Things that really matter to the heart. A handwritten note or words of encouragement when needed. A gift given that shows that someone knows you just a little bit better than most. Those thoughtful moments that soothe the soul, inspire us & make our hearts happy. These are just a few of life's lovely little luxuries. Gifts given from the heart that bring us gratitude and pure joy.

-XoX, Eileen (aka My Mom)