Skincare Collection/Whipped Soap; PASSION (Hubba-Hubba)
 PASSION; Hubba- Hubba; As in "Girl, you have got that Glow!" Smells similar to hubba bubba bubble gum with delicious scents of mint (refreshing) and watermelon (smells so yummy). This collection is fun and fruity with scents of citrus and...
Skincare Collection/Whipped Soap; LOVE (Love Spell)
"LOVE" Love Spell; Yes, you will LOVE it! Smells like the popular Victoria Scent, Love Spell, and will leave you feeling fresh enough to walk that runway. This LOVE Skincare Collection includes; *Whipped Shea Body Butter; These moisturizers are made with...
Skincare Collection/Whipped Soap; HAPPY (Eucalyptus & Mint)
*HAPPY*; Eucalyptus Mint; Skincare Collection/Whipped Soap    Titled Happy because this is how it will make you feel every time you use it.  Refreshed and renewed - ready to face the world! Unwind, detox and rejuvenate with this invigorating blend of...
Skincare Collection/Whipped Soap; GRATEFUL (Matcha Green Tea & Mint)
 "GRATEFUL" Green Tea Matcha & Mint;  This collection is packed with organic matcha green tea (as seen when opened). With a splash of essential oil mint added, you will feel like you did a refreshing good deed for your wonderful...
Skincare Collection/Whipped Soap; FAITH (Lavender & Vanilla)
Yes, it smells as amazing as the title - LAVENDER & VANILLA. A favorite skincare collection by many.  This luxurious FAITH skin care collection includes; *Whipped Shea Body Butter; These moisturizers are made with some of the very best organic butters...
Skincare Collection/Whipped Soap; DREAM (Mermaid)
 Full of citrus and tropical floral essential oils, this spa set will truly take you away to paradise while pampering your skin as well as your soul. This scent is a combination of scents and is similar to a dreamy...
Skincare Collection/Whipped Soap; BLISS (Rose Bouquet)
 Calling all flower lovers! This skincare collection will make you feel like you are swimming in a bed of roses while you wash away the world and unwind in a "Blissful" space. Yes, it smells like heaven on earth. This luxurious...
Skincare Collection/Whipped Soap; BELIEVE (Island Escapes)
 Escape to paradise while washing the world away. A dreamy coconut pina colada scent. Your skin will feel so clean yet quenched like you are washed away to a tropical paradise while you close your eyes and imagine swimming past the...
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